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Meet your coach

Daphne Kostova, CNP, NNCP is a certified holistic nutritionist, registered natural nutrition clinical practitioner and a hormone balancing weight loss coach for women.

She is also a coauthor of the book “You've got this healthy Mama!” together with Mona Sharma and Christina Whelan Chabot, in support of women's physical and mental health throughout the stages of motherhood. She has also been a proud supporter of many women's mental health initiatives.


She loves helping women FEEL amazing and get the results they're looking for through natural nutrition with focus on hormone health!


In her practice Daphne helps determined women get their hormones back in balance, improve their metabolic health, get the weight loss/ balance they're looking for while eating delicious and nutritious food!

My philosophy

I believe at always looking deep at the root cause of hormone imbalances or any hormone related health issues women suffer from.


Women's health needs to be approached by looking at body, mind and soul, and nourishment should always be the main focus when it comes to weight loss (if needed).


I practice no shortcuts and yo-yo diets, no calorie counting, and no restrictive diets because I believe a sustainable and personalized nutrition approach always leads to sustainable results for life, and YES you get the results you are looking for!

My story

My name is Daphne, I am a mother of 2, a wife, a holistic nutritionist and women`s hormone balancing coach.

Truth is, my own hormones weren't always balanced. I spent my twenties trying to maintain a lean body by doing restrictive diets and too much cardio exercises. Have you heard the old “calories in- calories out” approach? Yep, that's what I believed to be true and practiced for years. This approach led to low energy, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and eventually an eating disorder. I also had hypothalamic amenorrhea (loss of period due to restrictive dieting and/or excess exercise) in my twenties. My metabolism had suffered because of restrictive diets and I was putting on weight no matter how little my food intake was.

As an experienced practitioner, I know there is a much better way to your healthiest weight, optimal energy and living a symptom- free life. In my early 30's, after my daughter was born, I decided I will raise my girl to know how to nourish herself and never diet. I wanted to stop dieting myself and find a long-term healthy solution that served me without compromising my health but rather support it and help me thrive.

I applied for nutrition school and I started learning and nourishing myself. I graduated nutrition school with honors and became a women's hormone balance coach. When I fixed my hormones and optimized my metabolism, I also reached my optimal weight and saw my energy returning. I no longer skipped periods, no longer had PMS symptoms, slow thyroid or ANY hormonal symptoms and I FELT amazing!

Surprisingly to me, having dieted my whole life, I WAS EATING A WHOLE LOT without gaining weight. I actually managed to lose a few extra pounds I was carrying because of years of slow metabolism and imbalanced hormones! I was able to normalize my hormones through personalized nutrition and get to my optimal weight, regain my energy, vitality and thirst for life! The benefits were incredible - I even became a more outgoing person!

Now I am in my 40's and I eat regular, delicious and nutritious meals every day. My metabolism is better than it was in my 20's!

Today I am happy to help women in my practice rebalance their hormones, boost their metabolism and shed unwanted pounds for life, while eating well, supporting optimal health and nourishing their bodies with optimal-for-them nutrition.

Are you ready for sustainable balance?

Optimal balance is possible and I'm excited at the opportunity to be a part of supporting yours!

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